Using IT Maturity Models to be
More Effective, Efficient, and Profitable

IT maturity isn’t about hardware software coding… it’s about using those things in a systematic way to become more efficient and effective, while giving customers more of what they want.

Companies with a “mature” approach to technology aren’t just fixing problems as they come along, but working proactively to seek out challenges, bottlenecks, and performance issues, so that they can solve them before they impact business. That leaves them free to pursue more important objectives without wasting time on technical problems and infrastructure details.

In our short IT maturity e-book, you’ll get an introduction to this process, including:

  • The philosophy behind IT maturity
  • An introduction to the ITIL process maturity framework
  • A look at the Gartner Maturity Model
  • Alternative models for achieving IT maturity
  • How IT maturity effects web application performance

IT maturity is an important topic for any company that’s looking to achieve more over the web while dealing with fewer problems. Register now to download your free copy immediately!


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