Need faster, more reliable Application Performance?

Naalium gives application owners exactly what they need to deliver and maintain top performance and availability. With our comprehensive package of analytics, assessment, and performance optimization tools, we help you spot the virtual bumps in the road before they can affect your business… or your customers.

Naalium helps you to do more and do it more reliably. Here’s how:

Real-time monitoring. Know exactly what’s going on with your web facing applications as it happens. Real-time service means you don’t have to wait to respond to issues, you can handle them before they affect your users.

Load and performance testing. Want to know how many users and what business volumes your application can handle? With our load and performance testing services you can determine your applications limits, set and validate service level targets, and make performance improvements before you launch.

Capacity planning. Naalium will help you plan for your future. Thinking about Cloud or moving to a virtual environment? Our Capacity Planing services allow you to build exactly what you need for your business requirements, no more no less. Expecting a seasonal spike in customers? We help you prepare so that these spikes are handled seamlessly and at the lowest possible cost.  Naalium helps you build systems that grow with your business without stretching your budget.

Most importantly, we back each of these services up with world-class consulting (pre- or post-launch), so that you don’t just have data, but answers. Whether you are new to  performance optimization and want a more stable, reliable application platform or an experienced pro who just needs power and flexibility, we’ll give you advice you can understand and options you can use right away.

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