Keep an Eye on your Website’s Performance in Real Time

Performance MonitoringWant to know how your website is performing and what kind of experience it’s giving your customers… and get that information in real time before any problems can affect your business?

Working both inside and outside your firewall, our application monitoring service is designed to keep you informed on all aspects of web performance – and especially the responsiveness of web applications – so you can have the information you need to keep customers happy.

What you get with the Naalium Application Monitoring Service

Our application monitoring service is second to none, and includes a number of key indicators and cutting-edge elements, such as:

  • Front-end monitoring with simulated traffic to examine the effects on your web applications, measuring performance, transactions, and more
  • Back-end monitoring that gives you all the data you could want, including performance statistics that are specific to your applications
  • Diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the causes of problems for users and customers within applications
  • Streamlining and workflow capabilities that help minimize the length of any service disruptions
  • Reports and analytics that help you minimize risks and identify future problems before they affect your website

It’s the ultimate tool for any business that wants to keep a close eye on web application performance and ensure a smooth user experience for their customers.

Give your Website the Stability it needs, and your customers the Performance they want

Web application monitoring isn’t just another service you order for your website – it’s a tool you use to ensure that customers stay satisfied, and that your applications work exactly as they were designed to. Let’s talk.

Let’s talk about performance.

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