Proactive IT Maturity

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Is Your Organization Taking a Proactive Approach to Technology? One of the more intriguing things about technology is that, although product and hardware costs tend to decrease over time, the actual cost of ownership of technology continues to trend upward. This is especially relevant in today’s market, where the total cost of ownership for technology […]

How To Build a Bigger Hosting Business

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Give Your Customers Faster Websites For many organizations – from the biggest businesses as well as nonprofits – a website is the cornerstone of all work and activity, serving as a marketing platform, transactional facilitator, and even employee workstation all in one. A website can drive a project forward, generate millions in sales, or fill […]

The 80/20 Reality of Effective Data Management

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How the Pareto Principle Effects Data Management The so-called “80/20 rule” has been applied to a lot of things, since its original discovery by the Italian economist Pareto in the 18th century. It essentially states that 20% of anything – be it employees, clients, or even tomato crops – will tend to yield around 80% […]

Why the Fundamentals Matter When it Comes to Web Performance

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Experts Always Go Back to the Basics For the past few months, I have watched my son progress as a badminton player. It began with some lessons from a private coach, as well as practice and matches at a local club. It was clear early on that he had a knack for the game, and […]

Your Virtual Performance Department

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Outsourced IT to the Rescue! It is well understood amongst business leaders and technology experts that web application performance is incredibly important to the long-term success of the website. Accordingly, most organizations include some degree of performance testing in their development process. Unfortunately, many don’t go far enough, for a variety of reasons, which can […]