How To Build a Bigger Hosting Business

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Give Your Customers Faster Websites

Speedy snail on wheelsFor many organizations – from the biggest businesses as well as nonprofits – a website is the cornerstone of all work and activity, serving as a marketing platform, transactional facilitator, and even employee workstation all in one. A website can drive a project forward, generate millions in sales, or fill thousands of other vital roles.

As a result, hosting companies have taken on new importance to the organizations that rely on them. Hosters responded by giving customers robust facilities, big Internet pipes, round-the-clock technical support, and even some value-added services like business continuance and emergency backup features.

What a lot of hosters don’t offer is something their clients could very much use: performance optimization.

Although many hosting companies might consider this type of service to be outside their scope of operations, they need to take a bigger view. That’s because, even though they might be providing powerful servers and big pipes, they can’t control the Internet at large, or the architecture and coding of their customers’ applications. That means a gap can exist between the high-level of performance that the hoster or company wants, and the experience that an actual customer or visitor gets.

With that in mind, it’s only natural for the customers of hosting companies to want performance optimization services, even though they often aren’t being offered. But, as web performance continues to be a hotter and hotter topic (users and shoppers are demanding lightning-fast response times, and competition amongst business websites is improving), it’s something that every hosting company should seriously consider adding to their product mix.

Even putting those competitive pressures aside, web performance services that improve response times are a natural extension of any hosting company’s offerings. That’s because most already provide related services, including SLAs for uptime and service quality, and can support elements of the application’s infrastructure, design and implementation.

Of course, there is an obvious reason that explains why most hosters aren’t already supplying web performance services, even as a premium account enhancement: They don’t have the time, expertise, or capital necessary to develop these processes in-house, much less market them to customers. By working with a trusted vendor like Naalium, however, they can take advantage of the gap in the market, increase their own revenues, give hosting customers more of what they want, and save on these expenses all at the same time.

Achieving faster website response times is a critical success factor for most business websites. Offering optimization service represents a real opportunity for hosting companies to strengthen relationships with existing customers, build a new avenue for sales growth, and win accounts they might not have gotten otherwise.

If you want your company – and your customers – to benefit from faster response times, now is the perfect time to talk with a member of the Naalium team. Call or email us today to see what we can do for you.

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