Naalium’s Unique Approach to Application Performance

In today’s increasingly complex web environment, there’s never been a stronger need for reliable, comprehensive application performance management and optimization.
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Changing protocols, a competitive market where new philosophies are being introduced, and new functionality rising at a rapid rate all present different challenges to companies that do business online. Many of them, however, can’t afford the legacy support they need, which gives the services Naalium offers – and specifically application monitoring, load testing, and capacity planning – a unique value for the companies that depend upon them.

We work with all phases of an application’s lifecycle, stepping in to assist during design, upgrades, or even the development of new versions and error removal. And we do it all with a unique focus on the usefulness, utility, and profitability of each application as well as a competitive pricing model that makes it easy for all kinds of organizations to utilize our services, whatever their needs might be.

Within our signature A3 performance package, clients get the added benefit of flexibility. That’s because the plan can be configured for whatever constraints or performance goals need to be met, and can be contracted in a way to make it feasible and affordable.

When you need your applications to work reliably in even the most dynamic web environments, Naalium should be your first choice. We have the skills, tools, and expertise needed to help you solve performance problems and remove bottlenecks, and to do it quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Services in the A3 Suite

Major Category

Sub Category


Application →
Front End →
Web based simulated transactions
Back End →
Monitoring of system telemetry
Load →
Front End →
Load Testing
Web based simulated load
Back End →
Load Testing
Intranet based simulated load
Capacity →
– – – – – → Algorithmic capacity modeling

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