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Load TestingDo you know exactly how many visitors your website can handle… and what happens to your website if you go beyond that number?

Website load testing involves stressing your web infrastructure artificially, analyzing the results, and finding out where performance bottlenecks lie. Once we have that information, we can help you create a plan to upgrade systems and increase capacity so that users and customers are happy, regardless of how busy your site is.

In other words, it’s all about helping you to remain online, profitable, and free from performance issues at the times when it matters most.

What Else You Should Know About Our Load Testing Service

Our load testing program isn’t just a simple stress test, it’s a comprehensive examination that finds the strengths and weaknesses of your website – and applications – to make sure nothing fails at critical times.

  • Load generation, testing, and measurement that takes place both inside and outside your firewall
  • Pinpoint forecasting that lets you know exactly what will happen if greater-than-expected demands are put on your website and web applications
  • Simulation of “failover,” critical performance situations, and worst-case scenarios
  • Pre-production simulation and testing that lets you know how stable your applications are before they go online
  • Application and infrastructure tuning to help you get clean performance, even with a high number of transactions taking place

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