Understanding Web Application Performance Management

Understanding what web application performance management (APM) actually is can help new clients understand how it can positively affect their business and business website.

A common definition would be: the monitoring and management of web software, including its availability and performance. In other words, at the heart of Naalium’s services is a commitment to measuring the way applications are actually working for customers, and then making sure any performance bottlenecks are removed. In that sense, optimization is about your website, but it’s also at the heart of your business.

Naalium’s Approach to Application Performance Management

From simple web applications to those that require intense transaction processing, we work with you to ensure that the design, implementation, and infrastructure are always up to the task. We do this by breaking our role into three different areas, which collectively make up the heart of our A3 performance suite:

  • Application Monitoring – knowing exactly what’s happening to application performance in real time
  • Load Testing – finding the strong and weak points of your website to remove performance bottlenecks
  • Capacity Planning – creating plans and systems to make your website faster, more functional, and more stable

Bringing Design, Testing, and Expertise Together

After consulting with our clients individually to determine their needs, capabilities, and limitations, our approach is to improve web performance in any way possible, and using the best available tools – including functional and performance testing, infrastructure upgrades, and insights gained from years of technical expertise and practice.

In short, we want to use every available option to ensure that your applications work the way they are supposed to, and provide the best possible customer experience. When it comes to your web applications, we do the hard work, and ask the tough questions, so you can make the most of business opportunities. Let’s talk.

Let’s talk about performance.

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