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virtual-teamYou don’t need to spend a fortune on new personnel, new equipment, and heavy consulting fees to optimize the performance of your web applications – all it takes is one call to Naalium to get our team of APM specialists working for you. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in the lifecycle of your app – from pre-development to post-launch, we can help you make it more stable, more reliable, and even more affordable.

The only thing we value more than our technical expertise is our commitment to personal service. Truly evaluating web applications, and finding the keys to higher performance, takes a great deal of time and effort, but it’s the only way to uncover issues that would otherwise remain hidden, including many that might affect your business and customers in the future. We know there aren’t any shortcuts to this process, which is why we put so much care and thought into our A3 suite of services.

Because we know that so much is riding on the performance of your web applications, we’ll help you design them, monitor them, test their limits, and find future opportunities in a way that’s in line with your scheduling and budget restraints, and that gets you the answers you need.

To further clarify our A3 service offering and its value, we’ve craeated this list of Features and Benefits.



Significantly lower price vs. legacy approach Makes recurring Performance Management (PM) services affordableCan enable a broader scope of service to be acquired
Improved awareness of application performance Reduces the risk of poor user experiences and/or down timeIncreases IT Maturity (improved proactivity)
Streamlined service engagement and delivery Simpler and easier method to obtain PM insight especially for those with little or no PM experience
Data from multiple sources consolidated into a single portal More convenient and easy to digest way of engaging with all of the data and analysis
The service of senior experts is imbedded in the experience The reports include information and insight, not just data
No tool training or Project Management expertise required No additional costs, logistics or HR issuesCustomers can focus on core IT responsibilities
Incremental service options Allows customers to tailor solutions to fit their precise requirements
Out-tasking not out-sourcing Control is maintained while accessing this complete service solution
Recurring service model with regular testing and analysis The ability to obtain critical insight into the evolving nature of the Web application(s)
Reports and portal views tuned for stakeholders as well as technical personnel Supports improved relations with executives and user communities

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