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Outsourced IT to the Rescue!

It is well understood amongst business leaders and technology experts that web application performance is incredibly important to the long-term success of the website. Accordingly, most organizations include some degree of performance testing in their development process. Unfortunately, many don’t go far enough, for a variety of reasons, which can hold back not only their website, but ultimately the company as a whole.

System cloud-computing drawn on blackboard.The reason is simple: The Internet has changed dramatically in recent years.

On the one hand, web applications are becoming more and more complex, and developers are being asked to solve new problems and meet new challenges on a monthly basis. On the other hand, the expectations that users have for web application performance have grown even more dramatically. They aren’t just evaluating your web applications on the basis of what they do, but also on what your competitors’ sites do, or what your customers think they should do.

The result is an environment where many enterprise businesses are investing heavily in application performance to reduce page loading times by mere fractions of a second, and cloud-based services (like SaaS) are being used to get more speed while minimizing costs. But at the same time that these organizations are demanding more from web applications, and from their performance testing, they are devoting fewer resources to the task.

Obviously, some of this has to do with budgetary concerns. A lot of it, however, comes down to confusion. Business leaders and IT managers simply don’t have the skill and equipment needed to test web application performance in-house, but know that making a nominal investment is likely to yield nominal results… and that’s not exactly in keeping with customer expectations.

So what’s the answer? The most viable solution for many organizations is web-enabled outsourcing.

By working with a partner like Naalium as your “virtual application performance department,” you can find the ideal (and most cost-effective) approach to application testing and optimization. It’s a great way to utilize expertise, cutting-edge tools, and the best practices of a focused service provider to get the speed, reliability, and performance you need (and your customers demand) from web application performance – all at an affordable rate.

Don’t let old ways of thinking about web application performance testing stop you from delivering the best experience for your customers. Get in touch with Naalium today to see how we can work as your virtual performance department.

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